Your Anchorage Memories Prices

Your Anchorage Memories Prices offers you three easy package options for preserving your precious photos.

A precious picture and memory worth preserving

As easy as 1 - 2 - 3

You want to preserve your pictures.

Because your family history is so important.

Think about it -

Every one of your pictures tells a story that you and your family remember fondly. And every picture is a precious memory that can never be replaced.

And once your memories are gone - they're gone forever.

But we've made preserving your memories as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Alaska Jade

 You select up to 50 photos

Your Alaska Jade Package

Special music, titles and a
custom DVD case to hold you memories.
Includes shipping
your package back to you.

Your Alaska Jade package
price is $99.95

Alaska Gold

You select up to 100 photos

  Your Alaska Gold package

A memorable DVD slideshow,
music, titles and
a custom DVD case.
Includes shipping
your package back to you.

Your Alaska Gold package
price is $149.59

Alaska Platinum

You select up to 150 photos

Your Alaska Platinum package
Music, titles and a
custom DVD case that will
protect your DVD and
makes it easy to display.
Includes shipping
your package back to you.

Your Alaska Platinum package
price is $224.95

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

These above packages, Alaska Jade, Alaska Gold and Alaska Platinum make it easy for you to select the package that best suits your needs.

Call us for more Information

Do you have questions?

Give Mike a call at 661-210-9386 and he'll answer all your questions.

Who Edits Your DVD Slideshow?

With over 30 years in video production experience, our own Michael R Dougherty will personally create your custom DVD slideshow, DVD artwork and cover artwork.

Here's an example of Mike's editing -

As you can see in the above DVD slideshow, every picture is presented beautifully and accompanied by appropriate music.

And your DVD artwork and DVD package artwork will look wonderful enough to display proudly.

Your Anchorage Memories Prices - Gift Giving

Can you imagine a better family gift?

Sending your family and friends a DVD copy of your custom DVD slideshow as a gift will be more than appreciated. It will be received with joy and will become an instant family heirloom.

These special DVD's are packed with emotion and a flood of memories.

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