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Founded in 1917 and now the 6th largest city in Alaska, Wasilla was named after Athabascan Indian Chief Wasilla, who's name is said to mean "breath of air" , although some suggest the name is a variation of the Russian name William, this Alaska community is a vibrant and growing part of the 49th state.

Hello, this is Mike and Mary of Anchorage Memories.com

Mary's connection with this area of Alaska is that Mary is one quarter Athabascan Indian which means she's related to Chief Wasilla.

Mike's connection is from his family first lived on Goose Bay road back when it was just a thin two lane, gravel road. Later, Mike and his family moved into a small cabin in down town when Teelands was still a country store.

By the way, the cabin Mike's family occupied is now in the city's Museum.

Wasilla Alaska - Back in the Day

Teelands WasillaTeelands Country Store

The picture to your right is Teelands Country Store. Teelands sat on the Main street in downtown, and for years was the only store in town. As a young boy I used to buy penny candy in Teelands.

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This wonderful part of Alaska is filled with a rich history and you can easily discover fascinating stories about those early pioneer days and stories about the adventurous homesteaders that first settled in the area.

As a young boy who's family lived and worked in this part of Alaska, I met a number of those pioneers including world famous dog sled musher Joe Redington sr. who's dog starred in the Walt Disney movie "Nikki, Wild Dog of the North".

Over the years, while this community has grown and several prominent people have called it home, there are so many interesting memories shared by so many people, that we wanted to give you a place where your stories can be preserved. That's what this page, and this website are all about.

To learn more about Wasilla, visit the City of Wasilla website.

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