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Terror on Wendigo Island is a very funny book based on a true story about author Michael R Dougherty and his brother Tom camping on a windy island in Cordova, Alaska.

"It's going to get us" shrieked Tom as the Wendigo ripped at his back. Then through tear-filled eyes and in a complete state of terror I screamed and leaped forward, shoving our rowboat from the rocky beach and onto the dark water of Odiak Lagoon.

Tom ran after me, crying and screaming "Don't leave me" as he dove head-first into our boat.

Do you remember your teenage years?

As teens, we sometimes did things we wished we hadn't done. Some of those things were embarrassing and some were dumb. But as you'll see when you read "Terror on Wendigo Island", this was one of those times when as teenagers, Mike and his brother's adventure was both embarrassing and dumb - in a fun way.

You'll love reading this free ebook. It's an Alaska adventure that will capture your imagination and tickle your funny bone.

Terror on Wendigo Island

A fun, Summer camping trip in Alaska turns into a night of terror as the imaginations of two young teenage boys get the best of them.

Set on an island in the middle of the dark, cold waters of Odiak Lagoon in Cordova, Alaska, this fast-paced story is a Good Lunchtime Read from author Michael R Dougherty.

The Setting

Cordova, Alaska is a picturesque fishing town on the coast of Alaska.

Near town is a very large body of inland water known as Odiak Lagoon. And a ways from the banks of this very large lagoon is a small rocky, tree covered island. On one side of the island is a small cove with a rocky beach, the perfect place to come ashore from a boat.

It's an ideal place to explore, have a picnic, or even camp overnight.

And that's where "Terror on Wendigo Island" is set.

Imagine night time on this island. There is no light except for the stars above and a flickering campfire.

And the only sound is the gentle lapping of water on the tiny islands shore. And perhaps the rustle of trees as a soft wind blows. Ideal? Perhaps, unless your imagination takes control, sending you into a fear-filled frenzy.

Have you ever heard of the Wendigo?

An Indian legend, who's story has been told and written for years and years. And as you might imagine, the legend has been made into movies and television programs. All meant to scare you.

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