My Favorite Sledding Hill

by Michael R Dougherty

You jump on your sled and you start flying down the snowy hill - the faster, the better.

The wind rushes past your cold face as the runners on your sled cut through the snow and you quickly head toward the bottom of the hill. It feels like you're going so fast.

Kids in Alaska love to go sledding.

And every kid who's experienced winter time in Alaska, has a story or two about sledding down their favorite hill.

When we lived in Mountainview, we were just across the street from a wooded area. And just beyond the wooded area was an old gravel pit with a long, steep dirt road leading to the bottom of the pit.

One winter, we found two old metal Pepsi Bottle Cap signs. They were the perfect size (about the size of today's saucer sleds). The old signs had a sharp edge, just like an actual bottle cap, but were otherwise perfect for a fast ride down a snow - covered hill.

My brother Tom and I took our two "Pepsi sleds" to the gravel pit road to try them out. Tom agreed to be the "test pilot" and took off down the hill first.

Wow - did he fly. I don't know if it was the metal, or the surface of the sign, or the shape, but boy did he ever zoom down that hill.

After his first run, Tom said that he couldn't steer it, so he had to put his feet out so he could at least keep the "Pepsi sled" on the road.

When I sat down on my sled and took off down the hill I was going so fast it was almost scary. But what a ride. A couple of times we missed a turn near the bottom and actually flew off the road and down the brush-covered side.

Later, we went back to the hill with our friends and let everyone try our "Pepsi Sleds". And they all had the same experience. Fast, a little scary, but lots of fun.

After using our "Pepsi Bottle Cap" sleds, our regular old sleds with runners seemed tame.

How about you?

Where was your favorite place to go sledding?

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"Sledding Stories"
by: Mary J Dougherty

Sledding was a great winter past time in Anchorage.

We all loved to go sledding. I remember seeing the "Pepsi Bottle Cap Sign" and I knew of other kids who used one as a sled in our neighborhood.

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