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Marcus in the Morning stories brings you fun memories of Anchorage, Alaska radio and TV personality Marcus Lewis.

Marcus in the Morning as the inept spy, Marcus as the inept spy, "Double-Oh-Marcus"

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Do you remember Marcus in the Morning on KFQD and Magic 98.9FM?

It was lots of fun when Anchorage woke up to Marcus on the radio.

Marcus did all kinds of crazy stuff like looking for the Loch Ness monster in Westchester Lagoon, sparing with boxing great Jerry Quarry, and starring in a movie made in Alaska.

And after he starred in a movie, he became the movie critic on Anchorage's KTUU channel 2.

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But did you know that Marcus in the Morning was also a spy?

More about Marcus and his secret life as "Double-Oh-Marcus" later on, but first -

Marcus in the Morning Stories

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"Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me"

Turn up the sound and enjoy

Did you know that Marcus in the Morning was also a spy?

OK, he was a spy - and as a spy, he was lovable - but he was not a very good spy.

You see, one day Mr. Big, his spy boss, sent him on a secret mission to stop Doctor Rodent from using a new laser beam formula to take over the world. It was an easy assignment for most spys - but not for the inept, but lovable "Double-Oh-Marcus".

Right about now I should tell you that I'm talking about a movie made in Anchorage, Alaska that starred your favorite morning radio host and TV movie reviewer, Marcus Lewis.

"Double-Oh-Marcus"; The Spy Who Flubbed Me" also starred that "Desperate and Dateless" guy Herb Shaindlin, Anchorage TV personality Chuck Talsky and Anchorage model, Michelle Hilton.

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Check out "Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me" right here.

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