Man survives the earthquake, but is injured from the after effects!

by Chuck

My dad used to love to tell this story that he heard from a Palmer Dairy farmer friend of his.

My family rode out the earthquake in the Gulkana area near Gakona.

An Anchorage man had just returned home from work, and had several beers.

He drew himself a bath and laid down in the bathtub of his second floor apartment. He fell asleep and woke after the earthquake was over.

Unaware that there had been a quake, he woke, because his bath water was cold.

When he tried to add more hot water to his bath, he was dismayed to discover that he had no water. So he got up and started rummaging around in the cupboard below his bathroom sink to try to get his water to start flowing again.

He was naked and halfway crammed into the cupboard, when his cat, who was driven crazy by the earthquake, leaped into the room and embedded all four clawed feet into the man's back!

Startled, the man jumped up arching his back and hit his head on the bottom of his bathroom sink.

His neighbor found him naked and unconscious on his bathroom floor.

Fearing for the man's life, the neighbor waved down a passing ambulance to take the man to the hospital.

The paramedics from the ambulance placed the man on a stretcher and began to carry him down his icy second floor apartment steps, when the man awoke again.

They asked him what had happened and when he told them, the paramedics laughed so hard that they slipped on the steps, dropping him and breaking his leg!

The man was hospitalized with a concussion and broken leg, which he had obtained after the earthquake was already over.


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