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You'll love these wonderful Alaska stories

Anchorage is all about nostalgic Alaska stories from our website visitors. And this page has a list of Alaskan stories for you to enjoy.

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List of Alaskan Stories

You'll love reading these fun stories from our website visitors

Alaska Highway Stories

The Alcan in 1952 - a 1952 DeSoto is pulled from the Alcan mud by a bulldozer

Alcan Trip with a White Cat, Pink Tail - how you find a white cat in the snow?

My Mother Drove the Highway Twice - memories of driving the Alcan in the early days

The Alcan Experience - back in the day, driving the Alcan took courage

What Happened to Sergeant Preston? - an Alcan (Alaska Canadian Highway) surprise

Bridges - an Alcan (Alaska Canadian Highway) adventure

Born of Ice - a wild story about taking a wrong turn on the Alaska Highway

Anchorage Alaska Stories

Anchorage Newspapers Sold Twice? an 11 year old anchorage boy makes a small fortune selling newspapers

It Was Snowing my Anchorage Newspaper - I caught our paper boy throwing our paper to pieces

Race to the Summit - an inside look at the missile site near Arctic Valley overlooking Anchorage, Alaska

Village in the City - fun memories of life in the Alaskan Village mobile home park in Muldoon

Downtown Anchorage a Record Snow Fall - A Music Video - watch Alaskans enjoy a snow storm

Break Up in Anchorage - A Music Video - It's slushy, it's muddy, it's Spring time in Alaska

The 1976 Walk for Hope Music Video - step back in time to 1976 and a yearly Anchorage, Alaska event

Ice Skate to Denali Elementary School? - Mary, her brothers, sisters and friends had a great idea

4th Avenue Theater - Hold the Butter - a fun story about a guy who fell on a pregnant lady at the 4th Avenue

My Anchorage Newspaper Route - adventures of an Anchorage Times newspaper delivery boy

Valley of the Moon Park - a families memory of their daughter's first visit to this fun Anchorage park

The Arctic Roadrunner - a local Anchorage, Alaska favorite, this story will make you hungry.

The Anchorage Music Scene - do you remember some of the Anchorage, Alaska bands we all enjoyed?

Winter Time at an Anchorage Drive-In Theater - remember going to a drive-in theater in Anchorage?

The Frozen Christmas Tree Lot - looking for a Christmas tree on a bitter cold night in Anchorage, Alaska

Thanksgiving on 2nd and Cordova - young Mary tells about her Anchorage Thanksgiving memories

Go Home Kids - Halloween is tomorrow - Anchorage kids got so excited they Trick or Treat a day early

My Favorite Sledding Hill - flying down a snow covered hill is a great way to spend a winter day

4th Avenue Theater, Anchorage - Let your imagination take you back

Anchorage School Daze - remember the first day of school each year?

Early Bands of Anchorage - a blast from the past and the band, "The Five Pages"

Moose Meat John - you never know who you'll meet on an Alaska bus ride

Summers at Goose Lake - memories of summer time fun in Alaska

The Ship Creek Adventure - Mike nearly drowns when he falls in Ship Creek

Skipping School at Diamond - an Anchorage hillside adventure

Vive Jacqueline! - an Anchorage girl imagines the world through snowy reflections

The Day My Teacher Cried - a Denali Elementary student tells a special story

Anchorage Race Track Memories - dirt track and oval race car adventures

Beatlemania Arrived in Anchorage - Mary comes "Face to Face with John Lennon"

My Beautiful Alaska - moving to Anchorage, Alaska in 1949

Satan Invented Snow Suits - a humorous story about kids and snow suits

My Green Double Bladed Ice Skates - Mary learns to skate with a gift from her mom

Gilman's Bakery - Got any Free Donuts Today - a treat for Anchorage kids

Midnight at High Noon - 1953 eruption of Alaska's Mount Spurr

List of Alaskan Stories

Remember the early days?

Fur Rondy Stories

My Mom Got Put in the Rondy Jail - remember what happened if you didn't have a Fur Rondy button?

Anchorage's Winter Carnival - early memories of the Anchorage Rondy thru a child's eyes

Marching in the Fur Rondy Parade - it was cold, slick and there were horses

Anchorage Radio and Television Stories

Anchorage Radio Days - with Jerry Rose - remember KENI and KBYR radio personality Jerry Rose?

Koko's Karnival of Klowns - remember Koko the KENI clown and Kiddy Land?

1964 Alaskan Earthquake at KTVA Channel 11 - The "Buckaroo Show" host Deputy Dick heads for cover

Anchorage Alaska Rock Jocks - travel back to Anchorage radio in the 1970s with Mr. White Keys

President Nixon meets Emperor Hirohito in Anchorage - KTVA, KENI-TV and KIMO cover history

The Clumsy Anchorage TV Sports Anchor - you have to read this story - it's way too funny

Norma Goodman and Theda Comstock - a look at two of Anchorage's favorite TV personalities

Theda Comstock and the Emerald Ring - what would you do if you thought you'd ruined an expensive ring?

Anchorage Radio Personalities - turn back the clock and listen to some of your favorite Anchorage DJs

Hi Teens, Mukluk Telegraph & the Coke Show - fun memories from another Coke Show DJ, Gordon Parker

Breakfast in Bedlam - in 1965, Alaskan woke up to "Breakfast in Bedlam" on KTVA channel 11

Mukluk Telegraph - at just 16 years of age, editing Mukluk Telegraph messages was his first job.

Anchorage Television was Two Weeks Old - do you remember the strange TV delay?

Romper Room Memories - Anchorage children were Romper Room "Do-Bees"

The Mother Moose TV Show - remember the Old Sourdough and Miss Northern Lights?

Norma Goodman Said What? - a fun story about Anchorage television talk show host Norma Goodman

The Varsity Show - Anchorages Teen TV Dance Show

The Arsons on the Varsity Show - two of the band's members try skate boarding on live TV with disastrous results

The Challenge of Live TV - A loaf of Gilman's bread proves hard to open on live Anchorage TV

Dancing on the Varsity Show - Anchorage area teens dancing on live TV

My Terrifying Varsity Show Audition - Mike barely survives his first KTVA audition

List of Alaskan Stories

Memories we all can share

Coke Show Memories

The Arsons in the Chicken Coop - Mark Thompson of the Arsons band recalls the Coke Show and a prom in Hope

In John's Own Words; The Pulsating Heartbeats - John Apostle talks about the band, their hit song and more

The Pulsating Heartbeats Anchorage Band - enjoy their hit song "Anne"

Ron Moore - The Coke Show - How Anchorage's The Coke Show became a hit

Ron Moore - My Anchorage Radio Days - an interview with Anchorage DJ Ron Moore

The Royal Coachman Theme - Ron Moore tells how his theme song was created

The Coke Show - A Fun View from the Chicken Coop - a behind look the scenes

Marcus in the Morning Stories

An Interview with Marcus in the Morning - your favorite morning radio host talks about his show and his movie

"Double-Oh-Marcus; The Spy Who Flubbed Me" - did you know that Marcus was a spy?

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List of Alaskan Stories

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