and the
Kush Ta Ka" Movie

by Craig Jones
(Longview, WA)

I remember the "Joniko and the Kush Ta Ka" movie that I saw as a kid in Anchorage in roughly the fall of 1969 where the Kush Ta Ka actually comes down to Joniko's boat.

That version gave my little brother nightmares for weeks! T

The later release, that I happened to catch on TV in roughly 1973 --"Joniko's Wilderness Journey", toned that scene down a bit and just had random clips of an otter morphing into different animals.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of either or both releases?

A Note from Anchorage Memories


Great question... We have looked high and low for an VHS or DVD copy of this Alaska movie produced and photographed by Alaska moviemaker Chuck D. Keen.

The answer is that it's no longer available.

But you'll be delighted to know that Anchorage Memories caught up with Tony Tucker Williams, who played the part of Joniko in the movie.

You'll enjoy his interview.

Check out He Was Joniko in the Movie "Joniko and the Kush Ta Ka" right now.


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