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Interesting facts about Alaska on Anchorage Memories.comHow much do you know about Alaska?

? What Do You Know about Alaska Lakes?

There are 3,197 officially named natural lakes, and hold on to your hat, because there are over 3,000,000 (million) unnamed natural lakes in the state.

The largest lake in Alaska is Lake Iliamna, located in Southwest Alaska 100 miles west of Seldovia, Alaska.

The lake is 77 miles long and up to 22 miles wide, with a depth of 988 feet.

Lake Iliamna is only the second largest lake in the United States. The largest is Lake Michigan.

Interesting Facts about Alaska

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? Do you know who created the Alaska Flag design?

The design was created by a 13 year old Alaskan native named Benny Benson who entered a contest in 1927. Benny's flag design was chosen from 700 entries.

Benny's description of his design read: "The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the "forget-me-not", an Alaska flower. The North Star is for the future state of Alaska, the most northerly in the union. The dipper is for the great bear - symbolizing strength."

Benny's flag design flew over the territory of Alaska and 32 years later, when Alaska became the 49th state in the union and Benny's flag design continued as Alaska's official flag. Our thanks to Benny. You can see the Alaska flag on the top of this page.

? How big is Alaska?

Alaska is twice the size of Texas. Alaska measures 570,665 square miles, or 375 million acres. Alaska's shoreline is longer than the entire Atlantic Coast.

? What's the biggest fish ever caught in Alaska?

Alaska Halibut can be huge and in 1996, angler Jack Tragis hauled in a 459 pound halibut out of Unalaska Bay. I bet his arms were tired after that catch.

? Where did Anchorage get it's name?

Back in 1915 a "tent city" sprang up near the mouth of Ship Creek. At first, the tent city was called "Ship Creek." But the founding fathers decided to rename it "Alaska City." Another possible name was "Lane" after Secretary of the Interior, Franklin D. Lane. "Matanuska" was considered as well.

Then the U.S. Post Office made the final choice of "Anchorage" - although some say it was named after a hardwood store called the Anchorage that was operating out of a boat anchored just off shore near the tent city. Anyway, "Anchorage" it was.

? Who was Joe Spenard?

In 1910, Joe Spenard first came to Alaska from Ottawa, Canada.

In 1916 he came to Anchorage. Joe is credited with bringing the first automobile to Anchorage. He also began a hauling business called "City Express." His slogan was "Time and tide will not wait, but City Express is never late."

Joe Spenard also built a logging road from Anchorage to "Jeter Lake". The logging road became known as "Spenard Road" and the lake became "Spenard Lake."

Today, Spenard is one of the more colorful suburbs of Anchorage.

Interesting Facts about Alaska

? Did You Know it rains this much in Ketchikan?

The average annual precipitation in Ketchikan, Alaska is 150 inches. Now that's a lot of rain.

? Have you ever heard this?

There is a popular Southeast Alaska saying that goes like this - "If you can't see the mountains, it's raining. If you can see the mountains, it's going to rain".

? The Valley of "Ten Thousand Smokes"?

Way back in 1912, Mount Katmai exploded - and the force of the blast created "The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes" where some of America's first astronauts trained for the day they would walk on the moon.

? Did you know that in Alaska?

There are approximately 3,000,000 lakes in Alaska, 5,000 glaciers and 3,000 rivers.

Alaska is a huge state and an amazing place where civilization and wilderness exist on a grand scale.

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