Ice Skate to Denali Elementary School?

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Denali Elementary

Denali Elementary

It was Monday morning, again.

Spring time in Anchorage and we had more daylight.

However, that's not all we had.

We had another cold morning.

Back in the 1950's and the 1960's their were no school buses in our area so we walked to school. My family, friends and I would walk to 9th and Cordova because that is where Denali Elementary School was located.

Another cold morning meant that all the newly formed puddles and wet sidewalks were frozen over again. The thing was this, just about every spring break up my family and friends and I would hatch this great plan. Ice skate to school!

Instead of wearing our rubber snow boots during the cold mornings we all could just ice skate on the frozen puddles and frozen sidewalks. We figured that it would be so much better than slipping and sliding on the frozen ground.

Ok, we never did ice skate to school, but it was fun imagining it though. When school was over and the sun melted the frozen puddles and frozen sidewalks we would all began our walk home. It was a very, very messy and slushy walk home because we were trying to avoid the cars that would splash us accidentally as they drove through the very large and deep puddles.

Just something you have to contend with during spring break up in Anchorage. Compared to the "slippery" cold mornings, we all liked the warmer slushy walk home much better. Warmer weather meant we could stay outside and play. One of our favorite outdoors game was "hopscotch."

We would all get together and try to find a dry place to play the game of hopscotch in the dirt. How fun it was to find the stick for drawing the hopscotch squares and all of us scouting around looking for a rock to play the game with. It didn't matter to us who won it was just fun to be outside in the warmth.

Ugh! It was Monday morning again. Off to school we would go and we all walked right by our hopscotch squares, frozen over again by the very cold morning air.


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I went to Denali - Great Story
by: Carol G

I went to Denali 1949 to 1954.

We lived on 10th avenue right across from the school. Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

I went home for lunch and back to school.

Mrs Guffey taught me to read.

A Nice Little Tidbit of Life in Anchorage!
by: Cindy Pendleton

I love reading about daily life in early Anchorage, especially through the eyes of a child.

This sounds like something I definitely would have done.

Thanks for sharing!

I Skated to School
by: Mike

Not being a very good ice skater, I did the next best thing.

One morning when all of Anchorage seemed to be one great big ice slick, I slid to school on my boots. Just like cross country skiing, but without the skies.

It was rough, but it was lots of fun.

I'm also a Denali alumni.

Great story.

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