I Split doing the Splits

by Roy Southerland
(Mission Viejo Ca.)

OK let's go way back.

We're talking around 1969-1971. I actually got to dance on The Varsity Show which was Alaska's version of American Bandstand.

Ron Moore was the host. I actually went on the show and was dancing to James Brown's "I Got the Feeling". I spun around and did the splits and ripped my pants from the front to the back of the belt on live TV. Luckily I was wearing clean white underwear. It was still embarrassing - but Fun.

A Note from Anchorage Memories


We can only imagine how you must have felt when you ripped your pants on the studio dance floor.

It took a lot of courage for most Anchorage teens to go to the studios of KTVA channel 11 to dance on the Varsity Show.

Think about it -

Here you were in front of live television cameras - dancing - for all of Anchorage and vicinity to see. Come Monday, you were probably going to have your friends come up to you in school and say, "I saw you dancing on The Varsity Show".

And they might say something (good or bad) about the way you were dancing.

So, it took courage to dance on live TV. Hats off to you for dancing on The Varsity Show. And as for splitting your pants... well, that's one dance move you will never forget.

Thank you, Roy


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The Fun of Live TV
by: Michael

Roy, believe it or not, your story was told for years after by The Varsity Show crew. And I think I also heard people talking about it in the halls at school.

There you were, dancing away and giving it your best moves, when... there go your pants - and on live TV.

Thanks for sharing. I suspect you've told this story many times over the years. I wonder if James Brown ever split his pants doing that move?

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