Humorous Stories from ALASKA Podcast

Humorous Stories from ALASKA Podcast is a fun collection of stories about author Michael R Dougherty's adventures growing up in Alaska.

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Humorous Stories from ALASKA Podcast

Do you love stories?

Did you know that the love of stories is in our DNA? That's right. You love stories because you've been hearing them even before you were born.

The 4 Most Powerful Words

in the World

What happens when you know that you're about to hear a story?

Your brain gets very excited and you get ready to enjoy the story you're about to hear.

And Just What Are

The 4 Most Powerful Words?

You've probably heard them a thousand times.

"Once upon a time"

And when you hear or read those powerful words, you get set to be swept away by the magic of a story.

Humorous Stories from ALASKA Podcast

So if you read "Once upon a time... in Alaska" you're really going to get set to enjoy stories from that magical place also known as the Great Land.

Author Michael R Dougherty of Anchorage Memories, has put together a fun collection of stories in this podcast, based on his families adventures in Alaska.

Mike's stories include adventures in Anchorage and other parts of Alaska.

And you'll also enjoy stories about Mike's humorous adventures that took place in other parts of the United States.

And it's all just for fun.

Anytime, Any Place

Because these fun Alaska stories a featured in a weekly podcast, you can listen anytime you want to, and anyplace you want to.

Yes, with your favorite mobile device, all you need is a signal that connects your device to the internet... and you can enjoy an Alaska story.



How great is that?

And if you use those little ear buds, no one will say, "can you turn that down?"

You can just listen and enjoy.

A New Story Every Week

That's right, you can hear a new story every week.

But you can also tune into the podcast anytime you want to and listen to all the previous stories.

You'll Never Miss An Episode

You Can Support

This Fun Podcast

We've teamed up with a place called Patreon, that allows you to be able to support your weekly Humorous Stories from ALASKA podcast.

It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun

Now you're all set to start enjoying Mike's fun Alaska adventures... and even a few adventures that took place in the "lower 48".

Have fun.

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