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by Gordon Parker

Hi Teens on KENI -TV

Hi Teens on KENI -TV

Those early days of broadcasting in Anchorage were memorable.

It was a time when we had little more than our imaginations with which to work.

KENI TV, in competition with Ron Moore's very popular Varsity Show, put Hi-Teens on the air around 1962.

The show, which was hosted by Dick Liberatore, featured representatives of both West and East high schools. I was among the East High contingent.

We had a world of fun doing the show though we never came close to challenging the popularity of the Royal Coachman's Varsity Show.

I later went on to work for Ron as a disc jockey at KENI radio.

I remember well doing the Mukluk Telegraph. It was then an important means of communication for people in rural Alaska and the Bush.

I also had a turn at hosting the Coke Show.

What a thrill it was to sit in that broadcast booth above the Bun Drive In and look out over that crowd of cars.

I remember one day in particular. I was in the booth doing my "disc jockey" thing when suddenly someone put their hands over my eyes from behind. I had no idea what was going on.

When they finally released me, I turned around to see Merrilee Rush (as in Angel of the Morning Merrilee Rush) standing beside a laughing Ron Moore.

Those were great days. Great memories.

A Note from Mike

Thank you, Gordon - great stories.

I remember you from my days in Anchorage TV. We'd love to hear more about the "Hi Teens" show. I don't recall that one.

Thanks again Gordon

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HI Teens on KENI-TV Channel 2
by: Dick Liberatore

Hey there...

This is Dick Liberatore in sunny Las Vegas where I have been for the past 27 years. I pitched the "HI Teens" concept to Alvin O. Bramstedt, the GM of KENI-TV, now KTUU. This was around 1962.

Within a week, they had sold the show to the Pepsi-Cola bottling company as the sponsor and each week I had to write lyrics to the Pepsi theme song "For those who think young" with someone from the East or West side singing it. Wish I had a tape of at least one of those shows.

After KENI, I landed a job running camera for KTVA, including "The Buckaroo Show", hosted by Sheriff John.

After John left, Augie Hiebert hired me to host the show and I became "Deputy Dick" because as the cameraman for the show, Sheriff John would often talk to "Deputy Dick".

A Note from Mike of Anchorage Memories

Dick, great hearing from you -

We would love for you to email the pictures you have of "HI Teens".

By the way, I was also a camera operator on "The Buckaroos" just before the show went off the air. But I swear it wasn't my fault it was cancelled.

The Coke Show
by: Anonymous

The first Coke Show was done in Mt.View at a place called Davies Amori. It was a pizza restaurant Does anyone remember that place?

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