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Fur Rondy stories and videos from Anchorage Alaska, home of the largest winter festival in North America.

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The following 3 minute, 1959 16mm color Rondy film has no sound

Back in 2012, the Fur Rendezvous Festival was selected as the number one Winter Carnival in the world, by National Geographic Traveler.

The name "Fur Rendezvous" came into being when fur trappers got together to sell their furs and kick up a little snow as a way to shake off the long winter in early Anchorage.

In Alaska, everyone knows that late February is time for fun.

Now, people from all over the world converge in Anchorage, Alaska for events like:

  • Blanket Toss
  • Fur Auction
  • Melodrama
  • Miner's and Trapper's Ball
  • Outhouse Races
  • Carnival Rides
  • Fur Rondy Parade
  • Snow Shoe Softball
  • And the World Champion Sled Dog Races

And much much more fun, food and games

1964 Fur Rendezvous Parade and Sled Dog Race

The following is a color super 8mm silent film. There is no sound.

Fur Rondy

Have you ever ridden a Ferris Wheel in the winter when it was below zero outside?

That's just one of the fun, and unique attractions Mike and Mary, the authors of this website, AnchorageMemories.com remember enjoying.

One year Mike and his brother Tom and their band "The Matadors" played on the Melodrama stage during Rondy for a very happy crowd.

And each year, Anchorage's popular 4th Avenue Theater played a movie to compliment the Rondy. One year Mike and Mary remember seeing the Charlie Chaplin silent movie "The Gold Rush." Another time, the 4th Avenue played "Joniko and the Kush Ta Ka" an Alaskan movie produced in Juneau, Alaska by film maker, Chuck Keen. And one year they screened a locally produced movie about an Iditarod dog sled team titled "Hot Foot to Nome."

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