Funny Alaska Stories

Funny Alaska Stories that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Enjoy this fun video

and the
Alaskan Outhouse

A funny, but true story
that took place
in Girdwood, Alaska

A fun Live show

You haven't heard this before

What an Alaskan
Looks Like

Mike has fun
telling his audience
about Alaskans

Humorous Stories
from Alaska

Alaska on television

Mike Telling Stories
on TV

Enjoy two stories -
"The Northern Lights"
and "An Alaskan Cabin;
the Steep Stairs of

it's better
not to know

A hilarious night
on an island
in Cordova, Alaska

Fun Anchorage Stories

You'll love these fun stories about Anchorage, Alaska -

Check out Mike and Mary's Anchorage Memories Podcast and get ready for more Alaska fun

Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond

Get ready to laugh when you book Michael R Dougherty and his fun live show "Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond".

"Mike is an exceptional entertainer. His storytelling skills help his audience visualize Alaskan life, and his wholesome, welcoming style holds his audience's attention throughout. Great fun." John

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I laughed my fur off

Laughter is the best medicine and these humorous short stories made our bear friend laugh his fur off.

These are original stories about Alaska. Many are true adventures that happened to our author, Michael R Dougherty, and some of these stories are fictional Alaska fun.

But all of these stories will put a smile on your face - guaranteed.

Funny Alaska Stories

Living in Alaska is an adventure. My family lived there for many years and during those years we had lots of fun adventures in different places in the state.

These pages contain many of those fun adventures. Have fun looking through Anchorage Memories and reading the many stories you'll discover. Some written by Mike and Mary (the authors of Anchorage Memories) and many stories posted by visitors just like you.

As you look through the pages of this website, you'll discover that It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun to post your stories here on Anchorage Memories.

And, if you read a story you want to comment on, that's easy too.

Anchorage Memories

Do you live in Anchorage, Alaska?

Did you live there and then move out of the state?

Or, have you visited Anchorage or taken a cruise?

Then we invite you to post your Anchorage stories here on Anchorage Memories.

Did you enjoy reading our funny Alaska stories?

These pages are not authored by our website visitors. Instead, these pages are authored by me (Michael R Dougherty), one of this site's authors.

So, this is one page where you are not able to either post your stories, or comment on the stories you read on this page.

But on most of the other pages here on Anchorage memories you can post your stories and comments.

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Anchorage Memories Cache

An Alaskan Cache

You'll also want to check out our fun Anchorage Memories Cache where you'll discover Alaska books, T-Shirts and videos.

These are all original, one-of-a-kind products that we keep in our cache just for you.

In Alaska, people that live out in the woods build a tiny log building off the ground where they can store supplies away from animals and other critters.

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