Funny Alaska Stories

These Funny Alaska Stories are guaranteed to make you smile. Check them out right now.

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A Hilarious Story

following the

1964 Alaska Earthquake

A 19 year old must go into the basement of the abandoned McKinley building. In one hand is a roll of 16mm film. In the other hand is a 357 Magnum pistol.

What's he afraid of?

How do you Catch Fish

Under a Cannery?

A funny short story about author Michael R Dougherty and his younger brother Tom and their fun adventure fishing for sole under a cannery in Cordova, Alaska.

You'll laugh when Mike and Tom meet two scoundrels from the cannery and when a large Hailbut nearly sinks their plans to be the "Kings of Sole".

Dynamite and the

Alaskan Outhouse

A funny, but true story

that took place

in Girdwood, Alaska

What an Alaskan

Looks Like

You haven't heard this before

Mike has fun telling his audience

about Alaskans

Mike Telling Stories

on TV

Mike talks about Alaska

Enjoy two stories -

"The Northern Lights"

and "An Alaskan Cabin;

the Steep Stairs of


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Fun Anchorage Stories

Alaska bear

"I laughed my fur off"

Laughter is the best medicine and these funny Alaska stories made our bear friend laugh his fur off.

These are original stories about Alaska. Many are true adventures that happened to our author, Michael R Dougherty, and some of these stories are fictional Alaska fun.

But all of these stories will put a smile on your face - guaranteed.

Funny Alaska Stories

Living in Alaska is an adventure. My family lived there for many years and during those years we had lots of fun adventures in different places in the state.

These pages contain many of those fun adventures. Have fun looking through and reading the many stories you'll discover here.

Some are written by Mike and Mary (the authors of Anchorage Memories) and many stories are posted by visitors just like you.

As you look through the pages of this website, you'll discover that It's Easy, It's Fast, It's Fun to post your stories here on Anchorage Memories.

And, if you read a story you want to comment on, that's easy too.

Anchorage Memories

Do you live in Anchorage, Alaska?

Did you live there and then move out of the state?

Then we invite you to post your Anchorage stories here on Anchorage Memories.

Did you enjoy reading our funny Alaska stories?

These pages are not authored by our website visitors. Instead, these pages are authored by me (Michael R Dougherty), one of this site's authors.

So, this is one page where you are not able to either post your stories, or comment on the stories you read on this page.

But on most of the other pages here on Anchorage memories you can post your stories and comments.

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