Cowboys and Indians DVD Slideshow

Cowboys and Indians DVD Slideshow is filled with memories of a western movie with an all kid cast, shot in Wasilla, Alaska.

"I ordered the "Cowboys and Indians" DVD slideshow and I love it" Robert

On location in Wasilla, Alaska

Remember when -

Movie cameras rolled and a cast of excited kids from Wasilla and Palmer Alaska came together to make a western movie with an all kid cast?

Were you one of those kids?

Did you work on the movie?

Anchorage has put together a fun DVD digital slideshow that's filled with great pictures and memories of the making of "Cowboys and Indians".

Robert Sparks stars as "Kid Kidd"

Director Michael R Dougherty calls "action"

"This DVD is a wonderful trip back to a magical summer in 1978 when my friends and I got to take part in the making of a real movie.

It brought back a flood of great memories. I loved seeing the faces of the people I'd come to know during the making of the movie.

Thank you Mike and Mary for creating this incredible DVD slideshow where we can enjoy these pictures and relive a wonderful memory." Robert

Cowboys and Indians DVD Slideshow

And if you're wondering, the film shot for this movie is no longer available, so Anchorage has created this unique, one-of-a-kind digital slideshow on DVD.

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And this wonderful memory-filled DVD package makes an incredible gift.

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About the Movie

The original screenplay for "Cowboys and Indians" was written by Michael R Dougherty who also directed the movie.

Locations were scouted in and around Wasilla, Alaska. The set for the western town of "Frisbe Gulch" was constructed near Wasilla. The entire movie was shot on location in Wasilla and Hatcher Pass.

The cast was made up entirely of kids -

Auditions were held at the Wasilla Library. So many parents and kids showed up from both Wasilla and Palmer, that the line went all the way around the outside of the library.

Some local teens were also recruited to work behind the scenes.

We had originally planned to use ponies in the movie, but made a last minute, creative decision to use "stick horses" instead.

Special thanks

Mary J Dougherty, who was not only a producer, but handled Hair, Make-Up and Wardrobe.

Producer Robert Benbow

Bill Bacon, Director of Photography

George Miller, Director of Videography owner of Takotna Video

Gary Lamar, sound and all around assistant

Shonti Elder, all around assistant

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