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Anchorage Memories Facebook Group -

Anchorage Memories Facebook Group

You'll love our Facebook Group because you'll see our latest posts and you'll get caught up with friends who used to live in Anchor Town or still do. And you'll meet new folks who love Alaska too.

Our group is lots of fun and it's oh-so-easy to join us.

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Do you remember the Mother Moose TV show?

How about the Varsity Show, our answer to American Bandstand?

Or do you remember going to the 4th Avenue Theater, your favorite radio personalities, Norma Goodman and Theda Comstock? Were you on the Romper Room TV show? And where were you during the 1964 Great Alaska earthquake>

And there's so much more to remember.

Do you remember your favorite places to shop or hang out in downtown? The schools you attended?

It's all here and on our Facebook Group page.

Anchorage teens dancing on The Varsity Show

The Varsity Show TV dance show

Anchorage Memories Facebook Group

Can you imagine the fun?

Not only will you get to relive your favorite memories, but share them with your friends and family!

And all in one place. Our fun Facebook Group.

"Interesting stories, love Anchorage Memories." Christine

Website visitors like Christine (those are her words above) tell us all the time how much it means for people who used to live in Anchorage or still live there, to have all these great memories in one place.

And you can post your memories too.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for this Anchorage Memories website" Robert

And thank you Robert for your kind words.

We love hearing from people like Robert that tell us how much all these memories mean to them.

How about you?

Does our Anchorage Memories Facebook Group sound like a wonderful place for you to "remember when"?

We are so happy that you're visiting our website right now. Your memories are what we're all about.

And that's why we've put together a really fun Facebook Group where you can enjoy even more of your favorite memories. Fun, nostalgic stories, pictures and videos that will transport your memory back to another time.

It's easy, it's fast and it's fun to join.

What are you waiting for?

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