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Share memories on your Anchorage Memories Facebook Group. A private, moderated group where you can meet friends, post, and enjoy the history of our town.

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Because it's a “private” group, other people on Facebook can see the group and who's a member, but they can't see your pictures or the memories you post.

Your private Facebook Group celebrates memories of Anchorage from its days as a tent city, up through the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

We respect each other's comments and posts and celebrate our memories of growing up and, or living in Anchorage.

This is Your Community

Everyone who is invited to join must either still live in Anchorage OR must have lived in Anchorage at one time.

And the group is moderated to ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit.

Anchorage Memories

Facebook Group

Once you've joined your private Facebook Group, you'll enjoy new posts and be able to see older posts you might have missed.

It's all about your precious Anchorage memories.

Memories and Pictures

of Days Gone By

You probably have very dear and cherished memories of Anchorage.

And might even have some pictures to share.

Your Anchorage Memories Facebook Group is the perfect place because everyone in your private group loves stories and pictures that bring back wonderful memories.

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And you'll be happy to know that your Facebook Group is not only private, but it's family-friendly and moderated.

All this gives you the best experience… and the best memories.

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You'll quickly discover that our group loves to remember Anchorage and members can add their precious memories to the comments.

Anchorage memories Facebook group

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Anchorage is a Special Place

What are your favorite memories of Anchor Town?

Do you have favorite restaurants? What was your favorite movie theater? And what about your favorite radio and television personalities?

You'll have the perfect opportunity to tell everyone what you remember and what your favorites are.

And you'll remember things you haven't thought of in years, when you see and read what others post.

Plus… you might even bump into old neighbors and friends you haven't spoken with in years.

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