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A private group that lets you post and share Anchorage memories and pictures with other Alaskans.

Anchorage Memories Facebook Group -

Your private Facebook Group lets you enjoy memories and nostalgic pictures of Anchorage, Alaska with other Alaskan who either still live in the 49th state, or used to live there at one time.

Your Private Group

Because it's a "private" group, other people on Facebook can see the group and who's a member, but they can't see your pictures or posts.

And that means added security from intruders, people who might SPAM the group or steal pictures.

There are new posts for you to enjoy, every day on your Facebook Group.

Join Your Private Group

Right Now

This is your community.

Everyone who is invited to join must either still live in Alaska OR have lived in Alaska at one time.

Anchorage Memories

Facebook Group

Once you've joined your private Facebook Group, you'll enjoy new stories and be able to see older stories you might have missed... or just want to read them again to relive your precious memories.

And, you'll get updates and information about up-coming Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletters, so you'll be sure to see every issue.

Memories and Pictures

of Days Gone By

You probably have very dear and cherished memories of Anchorage.

And might even have some pictures to share.

Your Anchorage Memories Facebook Group is the perfect place, because everyone in your private group loves stories and pictures that bring back wonderful memories.

Your Moderated Group

And you'll be happy to know that your Facebook Group is not only private, but it's family friendly and moderated.

With all this giving you the best experience... and the best memories.

Likes and Comments

You'll quickly discover that our group of Alaskans love to remember and add their memories to the comments.

You can start enjoying even more memories when you join our private group right now.

Anchorage is a Special Place

What are your favorite memories of Anchor Town?

Do you have favorite restaurants? What was your favorite movie theater? And what about your favorite radio and television personalities?

You'll have the perfect opportunity to tell everyone what you remember and what your favorites are.

And you'll remember things you haven't thought of in years, when you read what others post.

Plus... you might even bump into old neighbors and friends you haven't spoken with in years.

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Yes... you can share your stories and memories

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