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Be sure to include year (if applicable), sizes, colors and the condition of your item. Include your email address so they can contact you. No phone numbers or addresses.

Anchorage Classifieds

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Example of a Classified Ad 
Mother Moose T-Shirt Rarely worn, like new White with colorful picture of Mother Moose on the front. $26.00 plus shipping Contact …

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Read This First

Remember to include as much information as possible in your ad.

Condition of the item, sizes, colors, weight, age of the item, and anything else that will help potential buyers.


you can also upload a total of 4 pictures


The only way interested parties can contact you is if you post the same email address in your classified ad that you use to post your ad. Do not post phone numbers or addresses.

Anchorage Memories is providing this service for you to post free classified ads

but make certain you read the rules first

  • Only one ad at a time per person or household
  • Only family friendly items may be posted
  • No obscene language is allowed
  • Post only the email address you use to post your ad for people to contact you
  • Do not post your address, or phone number, or the address of your item
  • Post only the email address you use to post your ad so that interested parties can copy it to contact you

Note: All classified submissions are moderated before they go live on Anchorage Memories. If you submit a classified ad that is not appropriate, no one will see it because it will be deleted.


Anchorage Classifieds are provided only as a service to our website visitors

Anchorage Memories has no responsibility for any classified listings,

the condition of whats being sold,

problems with shipped items or the financial transactions involved.

If a dispute arises over your ad or what you sold, it is the sole responsibility of the person posting the ad to correct the problem. Anchorage memories has no responsibility.

And Anchorage Memories has no involvement or responsibility for financial transactions. That is the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer.

You participate at your own risk.

If however, you do experience a problem, please Contact Us and let us know about the problem. Those who post classified ads and abuse this service will be banned.

Anchorage Classifieds

We hope you appreciate this service provided as a courtesy to our website visitors.

Everyone that has appropriate "stuff" now has a great place to sell them.

Please be respectful of the rules. And remember, we moderate every submission before it goes live.

What to sell?

When was the last time you went through your closets?

Have you been through your garage?

And what about that "stuff" you're hanging onto that you haven't used or looked at in years?

Without realizing it, you probable have a number of things that you could sell right here on Anchorage Classifieds.

It's Nice to Know

Anchorage Memories Anchorage Classifieds makes it easy for you to clean out those closets and your garage or storage and find a new home for that "stuff" you've collected over the years.

And, you aren't going to be charged for listing your treasures.

Its nice to know that when you have something to sell, like that pair of Mukluks that no longer fit you, or that set of Fur Rondy pins, that you have a place you can go to, where the audience knows and appreciates everything Alaska.

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