Amazing Alaska Adventures

Amazing Alaska Adventures is an ebook filled with exciting true Alaska stories.

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Have you ever been dog sledding in Alaska?

Do you know how to get a moose to say "cheese"?

Have you been on an Alaska commercial fishing boat?

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Amazing Alaska Adventures

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Do you enjoy adventure?

Then this book is for you.

The Great Land of Alaska, the last frontier, is an amazing place where you can still experience the adventures of a lifetime.

Author Michael R Dougherty first came to Alaska when he was just five years old... and he took his mom and dad with him.

In Mike's book, you'll enjoy stories like these:

Never Whistle at a moose

Sledding on Thin Ice

Adventure on Wendigo Island

The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake - No Place to Hide

and many more...

Yours Free

The wind rushes across your face as the sled dogs run faster and faster.

In Alaska you could be mushing your team on a winter night under a sky filled with colorful Northern Lights.

You could be fishing along the banks of a swift moving river where you might catch your limit in Rainbow trout.

Or you could be camping out under the stars on a fine summer night on a small Alaska island.

In Alaska, adventures come in all sizes. But somehow, those adventures are very special when you're in the Great Land.

Time for Adventure

As a boy, living near the Kenai River, Mike tells the story of the time looked up and saw a Moose just a few feet in front of him.

In 1963, Mike's world was turned upside down when an inferno of a fire burned down an entire city block in the town of Cordova, Alaska where Mike, his mom and dad and sister Anna and brother Tom were living. The fire claimed their home.

As a teen, Mike and his brother Tom went fishing "under" a cannery and were able to sell their catch to a local restaurant.

And when Mike was just 16 years old, he went out to sea on Prince William Sound as part of the crew on an Alaska commercial fishing boat. It was the hardest and most dangerous work he has ever done in his life.

Just one year after the Cordova fire, Mike experienced the 1964 Great Alaska earthquake. The quake was a 9.2 shaker that lasted a full five minutes.

The above are only a few of the many Amazing Alaska Adventures you'll experience in this book.

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