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Tasty Alaska food recipes

Simple dishes like "snow ice cream".

But Alaskans also enjoy fresh salmon, King crab, halibut and of course that wonderful dessert known the world over as "baked Alaska."

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Alaskan Cuisine

Every year in Alaska, hunters take to the woods in search of a moose to provide meat for their families. Mike's dad always made a deal to buy a hind quarter which my parents would take to a butcher. They would have their moose meat cut up into roasts, they would have some ground and some cut into steaks. Then they would rent a freezer locker for the moose meat.

Others in Alaska put up other wild game, fish and put up jars of Alaskan strawberries, rhubarb and wild berries.

Mike's family also loved to fish, and then bring home their fresh catch of trout and cook them up for dinner.

Alaskan potatoes are a local favorite. Over the years Mary and I have been somewhat amused when we tell our friends here in the "lower 49" that farms in Alaska's Matanuska Valley grow potatoes. And that strawberries grow well in Alaska.

As kids growing up in Anchorage during the summer months, we loved walking by any backyard that had a strawberry patch. If any strawberries had grown beyond the fence, they were fair game. Our biggest problem was that once we ate the few strawberries that had grown beyond the fence, we usually ate a few that were "just inside" the fence. Yummy, fresh Alaskan strawberries.

Alaska Salmon - Fresh from Cook Inlet

Because Mary's family ran a commercial fishing site at Point Possession, just across Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Mary's mom would set aside some fresh salmon to smoke or take home.

At Point Possession, fish was smoked over special kinds of drift wood that Mary's mom would carefully choose while walking along the beach. The resulting freshly smoked Alaskan salmon was delicious.

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