Kayaking - A Fun Thing To Do

by Mary Jane Dougherty

Kayaking goes way back in Alaska history and was used by the Alaskan Natives and Eskimos.

Kayaking was how they traveled around the coast of Alaska.

A story was told by an Alaskan elder about how the "Chugach Mountains", located outside of Anchorage, got their name.

It seems that a group of kayaker's first sighted the mountains from their kayaks as they paddled around the coast of Cook Inlet.

There are all types of Kayaking in Alaska. On a lake, down a stream, by beautiful glaciers and on the Cook Inlet. Trained staff at Kayaking companies will give you safety demonstrations about your gear and staying safe on and during your excursion.

Imagine touching ancient glacier ice and watching "calving glaciers" that can indeed be a high light of your kayaking trip. Seeing rushing waterfalls, majestic eagles and large nests of birds on the sides of rugged cliffs.

I'm sure all the fantastic sights you might see would just be "the tip of the iceberg".

After you've arrived at your destination you might go for a hike, have a picnic lunch, and bring home a lot of fabulous memories with all the photo you took of the great Alaskan scenery.

You'll be the envy of all your family and friends once you have shared your historic Alaskan kayaking trip with them.

Personally I have never been kayaking. Our mode of transportation was and is a dory at our family commercial fishing site at Point Possession.

Now if you have or will be going kayaking in Alaska, please write a story about it.

Mike and I and all the other readers of Anchorage Memories would love to read all about your kayaking fun.

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